Facing the challenge to create a performing and sustainable work environment? Believing in truly empowering your employees to get the best and most creative and innovative ideas? Willing to invest in your people to realize this? 

We are delighted to help you in building further on the talents and the potential that your employees already have, to create a performing and sustainable work environment. Employee and employer both benefit since personal growth and organisational growth goes hand in hand.
Entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation - slumbering in every individual, finally awakens.

Arm your employees with the skills, business language and mindsets practiced by leaders, and which are usually reserved for leaders. You will be astonished how it affects your organisation. We strongly believe in a combined top-down AND bottom-up approach. Renounce the saying “If the shepherd gets lost the sheep start wandering”, and equip your employees with trust in their own abilities to lead and to create.
Dare to invest in personal leadership programs for your leading and non-leading employees!               

The War for Talent is reviving in an unprecedented scale, and already is knocking on your door. Prepare your company by also embracing the potential of your present employees. Deploy the diverse talents already present in your company, allowing you to attract even more diverse talents! Dare to empower your employees, let them feel and see that there is much more in themselves then they ever thought. They will flourish in every aspect of their life, and by a consequence your company too. 

Our program is designed to transform each employee into a leader of his/her own life.
We aim at each employee being eager to grow, willing and able to re-invent him/herself, just like a company needs to re-invent itself in this world in turmoil. Our no-nonsense, pragmatic approach ensures fast and effective implementation!


How does it look like?

Our masterclasses:

We have one-off masterclasses, as well as a one year growth path of 4 master classes, covering a wide spectrum of competences enabling to unleash ones potential with impact to the result of your company.

We offer predefined master classes or together with you, we can tailor the masterclasses to your needs. Our masterclasses cover areas of personal leadership, meaning the skill to lead yourself; as well as concrete operational managerial areas, the shitty aspect of making things happen after the fancy strategic part. To give you an idea about areas we cover, hereby a non-limitative list:

-          Self-management as a vision, not only as a toolbox of tips & tricks;

-          Result-driven teamwork based on talents & values;

-          Power of a translated strategy: How to make an effective action plan and implement it?

-          Ownership over your meeting culture. Get energy and results instead of a mentally drop out and a full agenda.

-          Optimalism as an answer to devastating perfectionism

-          Resilience and wellbeing on the long-term;


Each master class is an interactive workshop according to the 30/30/30/10 principle: 30% theory, 30% hands-on, 30% reflection, 10% taking engagement with regard to the topics covered. Each workshop is followed by an inter-vision session (90 to 120 min) in order to steepen the learning curve.


VIP coaching:

We also offer individual coaching specialised for the challenges encountered by your middle managers. Speaking the same language we are a neutral sounding board, giving concrete hands-on advise on the how. Managers grow and lead with more confidence and effect their teams. 


Open offer:

Explore also our workshops in ‘open aanbod’. You’re welcome to register your employees in this open offer.
The interaction between employees with the similar challenges from other companies is often valued as it opens ones perspective.


Interested in our offer? Contact us via this form, we will come back to you within 2 working days.